A Month Before a Heart Attack, Your Body Will Warn You With These 8 Signals

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Are you sure you have a healthy lifestyle that can avoid a heart attack?

You don’t need to be heath obsessed; instead, a bit of understanding about health is enough to keep you from health issues and save your lives. In case you are more prone to having a disease, take too much care.

Here we have listed simple warning signs of heart attack that you probably spot a month before having one.

8 – Exhaustion and lethargy

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If you feel exhausted for a month with no prominent cause, it is probably the sign of a heart attack. This sign is more prominent in women than in men.

Explanation: It is normal to feel wormed out after physical or mental activity on a stressful day. This is the reason that we usually ignore this quite apparent symptom. Usually, it isn’t easy to perform simple routine activities such as bathing or cleaning the bedsheet.

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