Acid Reflux Symptom And Signs (GERD) ?

Acid Reflux Symptom, Acid Reflux

Acid Reflux Symptoms

What is an Acid Reflux Symptom?

Acid reflux is actually considered a fairly common condition. It is not all the time though that everyone can recognize an acid reflux symptom. What is this condition and what can happen if you do not look for a remedy for it?

Acid Reflux

Acid reflux is a condition that affects the body parts belonging to the gastrointestinal group. It is the main cause of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).

It mainly involves the backing up of acid from the stomach into the esophagus. This happens when the muscles at the stomach end of the esophagus called the sphincter to fail to prevent the reflux of acid.

There is no absolute clear explanation for the occasional failure of the sphincter. It is possible though that certain conditions such as being too full can create a force that is too much for the sphincter to handle.

You should be interested to know about a possible acid reflux symptom so your condition can be treated properly.

Why You Need Treatment

Some people may want to be treated since an acid reflux symptom can be inconvenient at times. Aside from the possible inconvenience, however, recognizing an acid reflux symptom can help prevent other possible conditions from emerging. Persistent and serious cases of acid reflux may result in such conditions as voice deterioration, pain, esophageal damage and sores in the esophagus.

Recognizing the Symptoms

A person who has an acid reflux condition may show several symptoms. Not all of these symptoms, however, are present at all times.

  • Sometimes too much acid is produced from the food in your stomach. When this happens extra gas forms. The Acid is probably why some stomach bloating and discomfort may be experienced as an acid reflux symptom. In some cases, the gas may escape and come out through belching or burping. Frequent belching is an acid reflux symptom.

  • The pain in your chest may or may not be a sign of an impending heart attack. In some cases, it is an acid reflux symptom. This is commonly called heartburn.
  • This acid reflux symptom is characterized by a feeling of minor pain or burning in the chest. As with burping and bloating, it is caused by the action of the acid on the esophagus.
  • Sometimes when you burp or feel the gas rising up to your throat, you might also experience getting some liquid in your mouth.This acid reflux symptoms will taste a little like vomit.
  • In severe cases, the acid may begin to bother the throat. The typical reaction would be to try and get rid of this discomfort by coughing. In some cases, these acid reflux symptoms could lead to hoarseness and voice changes.

  • Other possible symptoms may be a feeling of nausea, fullness, and lumpiness in the chest and throat areas.



You could take an over the counter antacid to help you bear the symptoms of acid reflux. If the symptoms persist, however, you might need to see a specialist immediately. Your doctor may consider some treatment options that may include more acid neutralizing medicines and substances that can speed up digestion.

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