Back Pain Exercises to Stop Pain

Back Pain Exercises to Stop Pain

A work related back injury happened to me several months ago and I am still wondering when I will ever get rid of the back pain. I would feel the most excruciating pain when I do the slightest bend and I’ve been popping painkillers like crazy. It was when I started doing physical therapy and included back pain exercises in my daily routine that I felt a drastic improvement in my injury

I never expected that pulling a muscle could be that painful. Every movement was sheer agony though the pain can be somewhat alleviated when I take muscle relaxers and pain killers but it was only when I started exercising when my back injury started healing.

My physical therapist immediately started me on several exercises for back pain which include several stretches and bends with or without the aid of exercise machines and inflatable balls. He focused on the lower back which was the most affected when I had my injury. After the exercises, he would put a heating pad on my affected back. Sometimes, our therapy sessions would include electrodes which provide low current coursing through my back. It was something that I was skeptical in the first place but something I appreciated after.

To think I was very hesitant to do physical therapy in the first place due to the many horror stories I’ve heard that people have encountered while doing physical therapy. I could not believe that I was susceptible to hearsay regarding doing exercises to cure back pain. Had I have been open minded enough, I would have been free from back pain earlier than it really was.

Exercises are the best remedy for back pain and it could really do wonders for people who are suffering from it. It is highly recommended though to consult a physical therapist and do not attempt to exercise without a professional. You might be doing more harm than good to your back.