Back Pain Help That Really Helps
Charlotte Stuart treating an acupuncture patient in Nelson, New ZealandWhat do people usually do when they experience persistent back pain? Aside from taking over the counter pain killers, going to the doctor is usually the first step that most people make. Doctors would then prescribe medicines or depending on their diagnosis, they might ask you to undergo tests such as x-rays, CT scan or MRI. However, the American College of Physicians has reported that the findings of these routine tests are usually unnecessary as most of the problems encountered are minor enough to warrant such an exposure to radiation.

Back pain has affected everyone though some may experience it regularly or frequently than others. In fact, Americans have been reported to spend around $100 billion annually to cure back pain. That’s around $10,000 for every person. Majority of these expenses are caused by expensive laboratory tests and subsequent treatments or back pain help that can be considered as unnecessary. Based on a half dozen studies regarding this; people who seek professional help for their back pain did not feel any better than patients with similar affliction who did not undergo such expensive laboratory tests.

How could that be possible? You may ask. One good reason for this is that if we go the doctor’s route, back pains usually heal on its own even without lab tests, care or intervention unless you have chronic back pain or if it is a congenital problem or pain caused by injuries or accidents, it is best to let time heal your back pain.

These tests are not necessarily irrelevant. Doctors just want to be certain that there is nothing wrong with you so that there would be no chance for you to sue them for medical practice. These tests will ensure the doctors that they were able to cover all bases and did not leave any stones unturned.

If it is just a simple back problem, you do not actually need to go to the doctor. Taking simple pain killers should do the trick. Regular exercises such as stretches for lower back pain would usually ease the pain.