Celexa and Acid Reflux

What to Do so Your Celexa and Acid Reflux Don’t React to Each Other

Celexa and Acid Reflux


Celexa and acid reflux have a long and rich history together. Because Celexa is an anti-depressant (specifically, a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor), it can cause some hormonal changes in your body. One of these hormonal changes is increase in appetite.

Read on and see for yourself, how Celexa and acid reflux often go hand in hand.

Anti-depressants have this ironic weight gain side-effect, and often, anti-depressant medications have labels that warn people of the probable massive weight gain should they purchase such a medication. Likewise, Celexa is no exception. It causes hunger pangs and appetite bursts that your stomach cannot often cope with the amount of food you are eating. So, when you’re on Celexa and acid reflux starts knocking against your check, your best remedy is the suit your diet around both, trimming the fat off, and adding some complex carb in your system to ensure that your condition won’t deteriorate. Let Celexa and acid reflux dictate your diet by following these tips:

Celexa and acid reflux Tips

Changing your lifestyle is one way of counteracting any conflicts that Celexa and acid reflux may have on each other. Too much bingeing and alcohol not only bad for your stomach, but alcohol reacts with Celexa and acid reflux medicine, by neutralizing each of their effectiveness. Subsequently, your body simply flushes away the medication and you’re back to feeling awful and depressed. When the craving is upon you, don’t go for the easy to order fast food and other fatty goodies in the pantry. Fatty foods stay in the stomach longer than most foods, forcing your stomach to produce more acid to needed break down the fat. This excess of acids only worsens your acid reflux condition. That is why you need to start thinking of changing the way you live and eat to suit your Celexa and acid reflux medication.

One idea sums up how you can accommodate both medications: Live and eat in moderation. Eating small but frequent meals not only satisfies urge to binge, but also keeps your acids busy, and low. Small amounts of food would exert less workload on the stomach, which means your stomach does not need to make a surplus of acids for the next big meal. And you don’t have to worry about bingeing and heartburn every time your take your Celexa and acid reflux medication. Switch your diet to add to more fruit and vegetables, and complex carbohydrates: Apples, bananas, broccoli, and carrots are perfect additions to your diet. Including foods that are high in complex carbohydrates in your natural cure for acid reflux. Rice (brown or white), bread (wheat, multi-grain or white), corn bread, cereal, and pasta (but avoid tomato-based sauces) are great for your diet. As for meat, fish and dairy products, choose only the leanest portions, and if possible, have your fish steamed, not fried. For dairy products, feta cheese, fat-free cream cheese, and soy cheese are okay. But milk is not advisable at all.

Before starting on this natural cure for acid reflux, make sure to ask your doctor about how your Celexa and acid reflux may affect each other, and your lifestyle. Since most doctors would recommend diet for reflux symptoms, changing your lifestyle and diet may not be so far off even when you’re on Celexa and acid reflux medication. All you need to do is keep your focus and chew before you gulp that piece of fruit down. Make the shift to eating healthy and staying healthy and happy NOW!