How to Stop Back Pain Naturally
Nancy Taylor Day SpaDid you know that 16 out of every 20 people experience moderate to severe back pain? It is needless to say that majority of these 16 people are women, as they are more likely to be the victims of weak back muscles. So, what are the causes for this gradual weakness in muscles? Well, you can seriously make a good long list – wrong posture, careless weight lifting, overweight, sedentary life style, smoking, drinking, a former injury, lack of nutritional diet, and so on. With so many reasons, it is obvious as to why the women of today seek for the ways to stop back pain. So, are you looking to take some actions before you really become totally inactive? Well, then do read further to know about some natural ways to stop back pain.

Strengthen Your Back Muscles with Exercises
Learn some stretching exercises, yoga, and regular exercises such as swimming to make your muscles strong to stop the back pain as well as to prevent injury. Experts recommend you to do the stretching exercises at least two to three times a week. Talk to your doctor and start doing them right now!

Avoid the Most Common Mistakes
find your inner selfThis list includes bending from back while sitting and standing, lifting weight by bending the back, sleeping on hard bed, and eating too much at a time that calls for weight gain. Therefore, remain straight all the time, bend from knees or hips while lifting weight, avoid lifting too much load, sit with back against the chair at work or get a lumbar pillow for the same, sleep on soft bed, and let your head be in the alignment with your spine on the pillow while sleeping.

Change Your Diet
Include items full of calcium and Vitamin K, says the Japanese researchers. Spinach, broccoli, and more leafy greens have this vitamin that promotes calcium deposit for making bones stronger.

Rejuvenate with Massage
To relax the strained muscles, massaging the entire back with mint or eucalyptus oil is effective. Such oils with their medicinal properties release the pressure and give a calming effect.