All of us have suffered back pain sometime in our life, however, many of them face chronic back pain and are not sure on how to handle it.  Check out the internet for measures on how to relieve back pain.

Medicines and pain killers

In severe cases of back pain, the doctor will prescribe medication that provides temporary relief.  Few health ailments may also result in back pain.  Wrong posture is the main reason for back pain and this has to be addressed. It is advised that walking and back strengthening exercises are helpful in relieving back pain and making your back stronger.

Other methods to relieve pain of the back

It is said that holistic treatment helps in curing back related problems.  Yoga, meditation, pilates and so on help in strengthening the core muscles of the back. Age also has a major effect on our back and so people in their forties need to be careful not to overexert and hurt their back.

Pilates is one form of an exercise and the Alexander technique is yet another muscle strengthening exercise.  It helps deal with every sort of back problem and like we say, prevention is always better than cure.  Make sure to stick to a regular exercise regime.

Stress – Takes a toll on your back

Stress is a major care of back pain and if you are able to establish calmness and peace within yourself, most of the health ailments can be cured.  At times, muscle misalignment is also a major cause of back pain.  This can be corrected by adhering to the right exercises.

Physiotherapy exercises

When there is severe pain, the doctor may prescribe medications along with physiotherapy that provides enough strengthening and stretching of muscles. It helps tone your muscle which provides relief to your back.  Heat treatment also is greatly relieving.

It is important to bear in mind that one can never experience immediate results, it has to be a conscious and slow process so that you are able to get relief from within. Simply gulping down pain killers can have serious complications on your health and these medications also fail to work in the long run.  Never opt for self medication or try exercising on your own as it may aggravate the problem and the recovery would be even slower. So do not be lazy and surely visit the doctor or an expert.  Hot water treatment or heat therapy truly helps as it relieves the soothing muscles.  Getting massaged also helps and you may use an electric vibrating pad for the same.


Irrespective of the severity of the pain, it is imperative that you visit the doctor, taking the right treatment and make sure to stick to the treatment in the correct fashion. Chiropractors and acupuncturists are good at treating the pain.  Even losing excess weight and being toned is a less burden on your back and it is going to help you considerably. Holding yourself in the correct posture while walking and opting for a fitness program are other options that are worth considering.