How do you make lemon meringue cupcakes?


These cupcakes are made using three simple components. Cupcakes, lemon curd and meringue. The soft and fluffy cupcakes are hollowed out and filled with the delicious lemon curd before being topped with peaks of sweet meringue. And then of course toasted for the perfect finish.


To hollow out the cupcakes, you can use a cupcake or apple corer- or simply use a knife to gently cut out a hole in the middle. The hole should be about half to two thirds of the depth of the cupcake, so that it holds the curd without dripping.


If you have a cooking blowtorch, you can use it to lightly toast the meringue. I was super excited to make these because I have an awesome blow torch for my kitchen that I’ve been dying to use! But, you can also place the cupcakes on an oven tray once filled and use a grill to achieve the toasted meringue.


The tangy lemon butter can be made in advance and stored in the fridge for convenience. Ensure that the lemon butter is set and thickened before adding it to the cupcakes.


This recipe makes 12 cupcakes, but can easily be doubled if you require more.



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