Lower back pain exercises

Lower Back Pain Exercises

In a variety of ways you can get relief from your lower back pain. For this, first you will have to get exact diagnosis of what is causing your lower back pain. This is important for finding the best lower back pain relief. To know the cause of your pain a doctor might also administer an MRI of your lower back.

Many cases of lower back pain are caused by muscle spasm. Muscle spasms are caused by sitting for long at the desk or sleeping on a mattress that does not offer the right back support.

Lower back pain exercises that works
Yoga class builds strength, eases stress for Soldiers in transition – FMWRC – US Army – 101005Exercise is one of the best ways to get lower back pain relief. Exercises especially for lower back pain relief will bring you rapid pain relief as it strengthens the core muscles that support the spine. Exercise will also improve your flexibility and your posture significantly.

Aerobics that involve no impact can also offer a number of benefits; however you must focus on exercises that are safe. You should consult a back pain specialist for advice if you do not know if an exercise is safe.

Stretching exercises are another great method for lower back pain relief. Focusing on your lower back, hips, quadriceps and hamstrings, you should do stretching slowly. While stretching exercises do cause minimal pain, this pain is from the muscles being stretched. You should stop the exercise immediately if the pain is intense or if you feel pain in other areas. You can increase the flexibility of your lower back by as much as 20% within just one month if you do your stretching exercises correctly.

What are the best Lower back pain exercises?
No specific back exercises were found that provide pain relief or increased functional ability in people with lower back pain. Exercise, however, may be helpful for people with back pain to help them return to normal activities and work.

Even if the pain is just for a few minutes, you would be better off if you get up and walk around every hour. This may be slightly painful, but it can be very functional in finding lower back pain relief.