Natural Cure for Acid Reflux

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy: It’s the ONLY Natural Cure for Acid Reflux

Natural Cure for Acid Reflux

There a many options and types of cures and treatments for acid reflux. You have over the counter and prescription medication, and acid reflux treatments that involve surgery. But the best option for acid reflux is to go for a natural cure for acid reflux. Learn more about how the natural cure for acid reflux may help ease your pain and discomfort.

The natural cure for acid reflux is actually a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet and regimen. Especially if your symptoms indicate that you have a great chance of recovering from the disease without resorting to medication. What this natural cure for acid reflux requires is discipline and the drive to get rid of this disease.

Changing your lifestyle is a proven natural cure for acid reflux. Of course you’ll have to give up on your caffeine and nicotine buzz. Too much partying and alcohol is also not good for your stomach. Neither is bingeing on fast food and fatty goodies. Fatty foods stay in the stomach longer, forcing your stomach to produce more acid to break down the fat. This accumulation of acids only worsens your condition. That is why you need to start thinking of changing the way you live and eat.

This healthy and effective natural cure for acid reflux may be summed in one word: Moderation. Try eating small, frequent meals. Small amounts of food would exert less workload on the stomach. This means that your stomach would not need to produce a lot of gastric acid to digest the food you’ve eaten. Switch to more fruit and vegetables, and complex carbohydrates, and less on food that cause acid reflux. Apples, bananas, broccoli, and carrots are perfect additions to your diet. Including foods that are high in complex carbohydrates in your natural cure for acid reflux. Rice (brown or white), bread (wheat, multi-grain or white), corn bread, cereal, and pasta (but avoid tomato-based sauces) are great for your diet. They are easy on your belly and will even out the acid level in your stomach. Stay away from onions, leeks, and garlic, and any spicy food.

Meat, fish and dairy products are okay, how they are prepared is essential. When you’re on a natural cure for acid reflux, you’ll have to start choosing the right kinds of meat, fish or dairy products to eat. Fish is great steamed, but not fried. Beef or pork must be lean, and must have none, or very little fat. Choose chicken breasts – but without the skin. For dairy products, feta cheese, fat-free cream cheese, and soy cheese are okay. But milk is not advisable – it will only aggravate your acid reflux.

Another way you can boost your natural cure for acid reflux is by adding some herbal remedies like cinnamon spice, herbal and/ or chicory root tea. These herbal remedies may help ease your discomfort, and keep your stomach acidity in check. But be warned about alternative and homeopathic remedies. Always check with your doctor as some of so-called natural cure for acid reflux may cause more harm and good. They may not work to your best interests.

Before starting on this natural cure for acid reflux, make sure to ask your doctor if making a lifestyle and diet change as is your best treatment option. You just might have symptoms that could need more serious attention and a more serious natural cure for acid reflux. Otherwise, make the shift to eating healthy and staying healthy!