Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis Taping Treatment Technique: Is it Good Enough?

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Plantar Fasciitis Taping Treatment

Patients could select from several plantar fasciitis treatments. You can also treat the pain and inflammation of the plantar fascia through plantar fasciitis taping treatment technique. The success of treatment with the taping technique varies from one person to another. The taping technique makes use of an athlete’s tape, which you can apply to the plantar fascia to prevent unnecessary stretching of its ligament. Stretching of the ligament will aggravate the condition and may eventually rupture the ligament. Here are pointers in the plantar fasciitis taping treatment technique:

Not all can benefit from the plantar fasciitis taping treatment technique

The choice of treatment will depend upon the severity of the condition and the preference of the patient. This is usually adapted to prevent the condition in athletes. For conditions that are more serious, you should select other modes of treatment. You use the plantar fascia taping technique as a preventive measure. If used for treatment, it is advisable to couple it with other methods.

Applying the tape needs careful attention

The purpose of this plantar fasciitis taping treatment technique is to lessen the stretching action of the plantar fascia’s ligament, so you should apply the tape in a crisscross manner that would make the mid-foot as the anchor to hold the plantar fascia steady. This will release tension from the plantar fascia ligament to induce relaxation. You can let a therapist do the procedure for you.

Do not leave the tape for long periods

Leaving the tape could constrict the skin and could overdo the relaxation of the plantar fascia’s ligament. Leave the tape just enough to rest your plantar fascia but not too long to suffocate the skin within the area. You should closely monitor this plantar fasciitis taping treatment technique.

Apply the tape not too tight or too loose

Applying the tape too tightly can cause hematoma and constriction of capillaries and nerves. The plantar fasciitis taping treatment technique should use the appropriate tape and not just any tape. This is because the texture and elasticity of the tape should be exactly consistent with what the plantar fascia needs.

Apply the tape in the morning before a run or walk

This could prevent the fasciitis from progressing further. For treatment, you can apply it three times a week or as needed.

Clean the area before application.
Clean the foot with soap and water and dry completely before applying the tape. This would prevent infection and humidity, which could cause wounds and blisters.

Plantar fasciitis taping treatment technique is good enough as a preventive and treatment measure for the condition.