Plantar Fasciitis

What You Should Know About Plantar Fasciitis Treatment Options

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Characterized by pain and inflammation of the plantar surface of the heel, doctors commonly diagnose plantar fasciitis in athletes, geriatric patients, and flat-footed persons. Although most persons may acquire the condition at one time or another in their lifetime it is usually self-limiting and disappears after they have rested or relaxed. There are instances though that the pain under the heel and the inflammation stays for months or days and the person has to use plantar fasciitis treatment options.

What are these plantar fasciitis treatment options?

Alleviate the pressure of weight bearing activities

The person should refrain from activities that make him/her stand for long periods; these include standing, walking, running, or jogging. Resting the foot is one of the plantar fasciitis treatment options.

Use arch supports

You can use a soft pad, sponge, or rubber cushion to raise the heel about ¼ inch. This will relieve the pressure on the calcaneus, the heel bone, and allows flexion of the foot. This would also relieve pain and you can engage in minimal walking activities. Custom orthotics employs the measurement of the person’s foot and then mechanically inserting the arch support to alleviate pressure and pain.

Strengthen and stretch your muscles

There are simple foot exercises, which you can do yourself. Start by stretching your calf muscles through stairs exercises; you can also stand on a slant or roll your foot on top of a ball. You could use various objects to curl and exercise your foot by trying to pick up the object with your toes. You can do this daily right after waking up or within the day. This is one of the natural plantar fasciitis treatment options.

Use of anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs

If the pain is severe, analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs are one of plantar fasciitis treatment options. The pain usually intensifies when waking in the morning and lessens as the day progresses.

Apply cold compress to the inflammation

The purpose of the cold compress is to reduce the inflammation by constricting the blood vessels. It can also relieve pain and pressure.


This is the introduction of corticosteroids into the skin and tissue of the plantar surface to reduce inflammation. As one of the plantar fasciitis treatment options, it is not practical, because of its expensive cost and the duration of treatment.


This should be the last consideration for plantar fasciitis treatment options. This is because it does not assure a 100 % prognosis. Complications may occur and treatment would become more complicated.

These are some of the plantar fasciitis treatment options. You will have to select one that best works for you, with the help of your orthopedic surgeon.