Back pain relief exercises

Relief backpain with exercise


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Living an active lifestyle with good diet, lots of exercise and plenty of rest is the best way to overcome lower back pain. Stretching after strengthening exercises helps relieve the muscle tightness.

Strengthening exercises done daily can result in overuse injuries. It should be done about every second day – the days off give your body a chance to get better. To notice results it may take 6 week to 8 weeks. For stretching exercises, the total time stretching a muscle should generally be about 40 to 80 seconds. For those suffering from sciatica or other types of back pain or stiffness, specific stretches are frequently suggested two times daily.

Always warm up before stretching exercises. To reduce the risk of injury, keep in mind to warm up first. Warm up the muscles with 5 minutes of light aerobics such as walking or riding a stationary bike ahead of either stretching or strengthening exercises.

Swimming and walking are also good exercises to improve your overall fitness.

How aerobics exercises can help when suffering from back pain.
For persons with recurring back pain, doing low-impact aerobics is fairly a safe way. It is helpful for strengthening their abdominal and back muscles. To stay away from re-injury and more back pain, strength must be built up gradually for those with weak back or abdominal muscles

Aerobic exercises also help alleviate muscle tension and back pain by relieving stress. These activities also aids maintain weight down, which relieves lower back pain that is provoked by excess weight on the abdomen.

Things to think about before you start your exercises.
Not warming up before stretching leaves your back vulnerable to injuries. Warm muscles are more flexible than cold muscles and are less possible to tear. By increasing circulation to the muscles warm-up exercises get ready your back for strength exercises or stretching exercises.

If you have a back injury or condition or back pain, consult a physician or physiotherapist as the exercises will vary according to the cause of the pain. A physical therapist can advise you what exercises and how many repetitions of each exercise would be the safest and most advantageous for you.