Stretches for lower back pain

Stretches for lower back pain

There are a lot of stretches for lower back pain. To reduce the pain, stretches for lower back pain have been used effectively. It is essential, that prior to conducting stretches on your own, take time to visit a therapist to know which is helpful for you back.

Stretches for lower back pain: Extension and Sideways Bending
BIKRAMS YOGA_RONSOMBILONGALLERY (33)For Extension, lie with your head and face down on the floor. Your legs extended to the fullest behind your back. Lift head and arch your back with arms supporting the upper portion of your body. Keeping the body at that state with elbows lock allows the stretching.

Sideways Bending can be performed either sitting or standing. Stand straight and feet apart. Hold hands altogether and extends over the head going one side to its fullest and hold for a second. Do it on the other side.

Stretches for lower back pain: Knee to Chest Exercise and Hamstring Stretch
Knee to Chest Exercise is a low back pain stretch that utilizes more of the lower back muscles and massaging it. In doing this, you have to lean on your back first flat on a floor with mattress. Bend your leg supported by your hand as you bring it towards your chest, doing it repeatedly on the other leg.

Hamstring Stretch is very easy to do. Sit on the floor with one leg extended and one leg folded in. Reach the extended leg up to the toes with your stretched arms supported by your back and upper body. Do it carefully.

Stretches for lower back pain: Simple Cat Stretch and Rotation Stretch
For Simple Cat Stretch, get on the floor with your 2 arms and knees. Lift your back down. Stay in that position. Move your head exactly opposite on the direction of your back. When your back is moving down, your head should be lifted up. Do as well the opposite, with your back lifted up and head down. Do it for 3 times or as tolerated.

In Rotation Stretch, sit on a safe chair or if available, exercise ball. Together with your shoulder and upper body, move it into one direction and hold it in such position. Do it on the other side.