The Medlite Laser For Tattoo Removal


The Medlite laser for tattoo removal Let’s face it, we’ve all made a decision or two in the past that we now regret. Fortunately, for those who wish they never got that ex-girlfriend’s name permanently imprinted on their bicep or that “seemed like a funny idea at the time” self-portrait across your entire back, there is a laser-designed to remove that unwanted ink safely and effectively.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Decorative tattoos have a history dating back a minimum of 5000 years. The wish to remove them has probably existed for just as long. Combining this desire for removal, whether it’s for professional, cosmetic, or religious reasons, and the technological advances available today, we have seen a 32% increase in tattoo removal since 2011 according to a Patient’s Guide® study.


The Benefit of Lasers

Lasers began their popularity for removing tattoos in the late 1980s. Prior to this technology, removal involved the use of one or more procedures such as excision (surgical removal of the tattooed skin). Pain and scarring are often common, but even results such as these were often deemed acceptable by a patient if it meant reducing the appearance of their regretted tattoo.

Although this is still common today, lasers have become the gold standard treatment for tattoo removal because of their no surgery, low risk when operated properly, and effectiveness. Each laser tattoo removal process is done on an outpatient basis over a series of visits.


How Does MedLite Work?

If you are still wondering exactly how a simple laser is going to remove the permanent tattoo ink that was inserted deep into the layers of your epidermis years ago, we have good news for you. Known for its superior flat-top beam profile, the MedLite laser by Cynosure is considered a workhorse for many aesthetic doctors that uses the non-ablative, Q-Switched Nd: YAG technology to remove tattoos from those who no longer want to live with their unwanted tattoo ink.

MedLite’s specialized laser light energy is absorbed by the tattoo ink, causing the tattoo ink to break into tiny particles which is then removed by the body’s natural lymphatic system. It emits 2 wavelengths of laser light to achieve lightening of the chosen tattoo or lesion. A given wavelength targets only a single color (or group of nearby colors). For example, the red wavelength removes the green ink and the green wavelength removes the red ink.


The length of each treatment depends on the size of the tattoo and the number of colors it contains. One treatment session may only take about 20 minutes, however, multiple treatments are almost always required to remove the tattoo completely. Talk with your doctor to get a more precise estimate of the cost and number of treatments.

how do they remove tattoos

How Do They Remove Tattoos

Things You Should Consider When Having Laser Tattoo Removal and how do they remove Tattoos?

how do they remove tattoos


There are different ways of removing tattoos. Tattoos can be removed by laser treatment or by excision. Excision involves cutting up the part where the tattoo is and then sewing back the skin. This method is generally practiced on small tattoos. New procedures such as laser tattoo removal are now the dominant treatment method. Most tattoos are removable.

However, some are more complicated than others are. Some colors shades such as white, yellow and pink are quite difficult to remove. Tattoo removal can be mildly painful may require some aesthetic treatment.

Laser treatment is a modern method used to remove tattoos. To remove the tattoos completely, a patient will need to go through a number of sessions, probably five to eight. After each session, the patient goes home and continues with the normal chores and activities.

However, the patient should take care not to irritate the part of the body where the tattoo removal is taking place. Avoid rubbing it or scratching the skin until the wound heals.

Specialized laser tattoo removal clinics exercise great precision when removing tattoos. With a laser machine, you can remove a specific part of the tattoo and leave the rest intact. This means if you had a tattoo of two eagles drawn together, one can be removed while the other remains intact.

Laser tattoo removal is a professional service run by a team of qualified doctors and nursing staff. They have extensive experience in this field. Some types of tattoos are difficult to remove. Permanent makeup such as lip liner, eyeliner, and eyebrows are not easy to remove.

Some of the inks used for permanent makeup have a metallic base. Any contact with a laser beam turns the ink blackish. After this occurs, it becomes impossible to remove the dark ink through the use of laser treatment.

It is also not advisable to remove eyeliner ink using a laser machine because of the risk of damaging the eye in the process.

The procedures applied during laser tattoo removal treatment are effective but can also be a little painful. Sometimes the doctor may think it necessary to administer a topical anesthetic cream on the skin surface to numb the affected area.

As treatment commences, the overlying skin is numbed using a powerful cooling machine. The machine reduces any pain or discomforts the patient may experience and prevents thermal injury that may occur in the course of laser treatment.

There are a number of dermatologists one can visit in the Melbourne area to have a tattoo removed. Some offer to pay as you go payment plans, and others provide substantial discounts on the total fee charged if you pay it upfront.