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The Most Important Things to Know Prior to Getting Tattoo Removal

We have everything you need to locate a laser tattoo removal clinic near you.

Having a tattoo that you really wish you hadn’t is a fun experience for anyone. As you’re here you must be looking for ways to get that ink removed.

This site is a directory of all the best laser tattoo removal studios across the world.

We’ve scoured the world for the best clinics to save you time and help you get back to looking how you want to, not how you thought you or that artists wanted you to look like.

Laser tattoo removal can take multiple trips so you will want to find a clinic that’s near to your home or work so you can easily pop in for a session as and when you need it.

You’ll also find some guides and advice on this site about selecting the correct treatments for you, plus answers to the most popular questions about tattoo removal.

Our guides are a great place to start however you must take the advice of the clinic you choose as they will be able to analyse your skin and current tattoo (e.g. ink colour, type, age, etc)

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?


A laser is used to break down the ink molecules until they are small enough to be absorbed by the skin and naturally disposed of by your body via your bloodstream. The laser breaks the molecules down via the energy it emits.

Can I get this treatment on the NHS?

The NHS website states that they rarely perform this treatment so it is best to look elsewhere for this type of procedure.

How much does laser tattoo removal cost?

The cost can vary depending on a few factors including:

  • The ink used can have an impact on how difficult it is to remove it.
  • Ink colour – Some colours are harder to remove than others.
  • The age of the tattoo

  • The clinic – the area a clinic is based in can have an impact on price due to rent and labour costs. For Eg a clinic on Harley Street in London is likely to be more expensive than a more regionally based clinic. As well as this, some clinics will position themselves as a more premium service and others will try to appeal to the lower-cost end of the market. Generally, it’s best to spend a little more on this type of treatment to ensure you are getting the correct treatment for yourself and aftercare.
  • The type of laser used – There are a few different types of laser on the market that have various features.

” Tattoo removal near me “

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