Plantar Fasciitis

The Pros and Cons of Planters Fasciitis Treatment Surgery

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The Pros and Cons of Planters Fasciitis Treatment Surgery

Planters Fasciitis is a self-limiting condition of the plantar fascia and often disappears after continued treatment using easy and traditional methods. In most cases, the inflammation and pain is cured. There are certain instances though that nothing had worked and the only left option is planters fasciitis treatment surgery. What are the pros and cons of the surgery? There are more cons than pros of this treatment option.

Pros of planters fasciitis treatment surgery:

• It can momentarily cure the condition but does not ensure a permanent cure. You should discuss with your medical worker other possible treatment options before deciding to push through with this procedure.

Cons of planters fasciitis treatment surgery:

• The procedure does not ensure a permanent cure. You may be free of the condition for a while but it could recur. There is no assurance that you would get well after the surgery.

• It is invasive and therefore could have more complications than the rest of the treatment options. Infection may occur due to external agents, which can enter through the incisions.

• During the intricate procedure, certain nerves may be inadvertently damaged to worsen the condition. That is why; Orthopedics and therapists do not readily recommend planters fasciitis treatment surgery not until the utilization of all available options.

• One complication that may occur is the inadvertent lowering of the arch, which can exacerbate the condition. This may even require a secondary planters fasciitis treatment surgery because only surgery can resolve the displacement.

• The plantar fascia has the tendency also to break apart and can cause more pain than previously experienced.

• The planters fasciitis treatment surgery is stressful to the patient. The mere thought of a surgery could cause anxiety and additional stress to the patient.

• It is more costly and yet not that effective as a treatment option. Other treatment options like exercise and rest are entirely free and yet more effective.

• Prognosis of therapy is poor and the recurrence may be more severe than the previous condition. You should know this fact to avoid disappointments after the procedure.

• Only patients who can take a long rest can avail of planters fasciitis treatment surgery. Although the other treatments are long term, the patient could still do minimal activities. Some patients may opt to engage in physical activities but they do so only upon the recommendation of their doctors.