Information on Lower back pain treatment options

Usually the treatment for lower back pain depends on the causes of pain and discomfort. So prior to opting for any treatments, it is essential to analyze the causes of your back pain. The treatment should be precise and specific with a clear view about the cause of a particular person’s lower back pain.

Causes of back pain
Injuries on the spine to the back are the causes of more serious lower back pain. These injuries are the consequence of some type of accident or lifting and twisting at the same time. These types of injuries also happen during activities such as muscle strain or muscle over use; fractures on the spine; and pressure on the nerve roots on the spine. Spinal injuries can result in a herniated disc which may give rise to rigorous lower back pain. Symptoms can include sciatica or spinal stenosis. These conditions can cause considerable pain. In addition, there are many other spinal conditions which may be the reasons of lower back pain.

Lower back pain treatment options
Charlotte Stuart treating an acupuncture patient in Nelson, New ZealandUsually the treatment for lower back pain is started with a round of pain relievers. Over the counter (OTC) pain relievers – such as acetaminophen, paracetamol and ibuprofen – usually works well for relieving your back pain. Ibuprofen is the strongest of the three lower treatments but still can be bought over the counter.

Even things like tension and stress can source problems with your lower back. In these cases, relief can be obtained from over the counter pain relievers. Medicines such as naproxen sodium, aspirin, acetaminophen and ibuprofen can make available release by reducing swelling and lessening pain. For getting maximum results, you can combine the OTC pain relievers with hot compresses, massages, exercises and other therapies. In the case of chronic back pain, it may need extensive therapy and exercises to help cope with the recurring pain on the lower back.

There are some medications which can help to relieve and resolve pinched nerves which are some of the major causes of lower back pain. Although, some of these nerve medications work as antidepressants, they can help in alleviating your lower back pain treatment.